Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Like Top Chef With Training Wheels

Wow, so I just completed my first test at culinary school, and I have to say, I kinda rocked it! We had a written and a practical section, and it was INTENSE! Everyone says the first test is the hardest, since the first unit is the longest and encompasses so many basics. I found the written test to be fairly straightforward, thankfully, but we'll see how I do when the results come back.

For the practical portion, we had to make one large tart, two tartlets, and five cookies. The kicker was that we didn’t know what types we had to make until we got there, so it was pretty hard to prepare for that section of the test. I was assigned a caramel nut tart, mini quiche lorraines, and shortbread “sablée” cookies. There’s not too much to report except to say that it was a whirlwind of activity from all corners. Everyone was trying to make their components and assemble their tarts, making sure that each component was done in an efficient order to ensure that everything would be done by the end of class! And we got it done, too! Here’s my final presentation:

Chef Cynthia really loved my presentation and raved about my products. To be fair, though, the presentations of my tarts were easier to achieve than others in my class since I didn’t have to do any piping, but it sure is amazing what a little powdered sugar can do. The chef had some critiques, of course, but all in all, my first culinary school test was a success…at least I think so, since I’ll have to wait to receive my grades!

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  1. Always the best in the class, of course. My birthday's coming up. When do I get to taste the caramel nut tart and cookies??